Actuarial Services

Armstrong, Doyle and Carroll, Inc. enables you to deal directly with our most senior actuaries, investment consultants or plan administrators, to get quick, accurate answers to all retirement questions. The long-term success of any plan relies upon the smooth integration of four critical components.

  • Plan Design and Compliance
  • Employee Communication and Enrollment
  • Participant Record Keeping
  • Benefit Payments

Armstrong Doyle & Carroll, Inc. provides all of these services, sparing its clients the administrative burden and additional cost of selecting and integrating separate providers. This results in considerable savings of our client’s time, money and personnel resources. Our program is an attractive option for companies establishing a retirement plan for the first time, or companies with existing retirement plans seeking to add a new 401(k) savings option , obtain more responsive administrative services, terminate a defined benefit plan, improve investment performance or reduce plan costs.