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Senate GOP reins in expectations for killing Obamacare

Jun 13, 2017

Republicans in the Senate are “aggressively trying to rein in expectations” for their Obamacare repeal effort, careful to not miss a July deadline or fail to capture the needed 50 votes required for passage.  The task of repeal and replace has been a promise of the GOP for most of the past 10 years, and failure to achieve change is widely seen as disastrous for the party approaching mid-terms.  The issue of transparency has been gaining attention.  The GOP directed much of their displeasure on Obamacare on the backroom deals that were allegedly done in the creation of the act.  However, there has been no draft bill released to date and no committee hearings to review any proposals.  There is a concern “the party is fearful of leaks of the party’s plans falling into the hands of conservative or liberal activists who would seek to scuttle the GOP’s negotiations” but the lack of transparency should be a concern to all.  Read full article here

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